Individual Counseling
Couples Counseling
Spiritual Counseling
Meditation Training
Channelled Sessions
Energy Clearing
Breath Work
Pranic Healing
Cards, I Ching
Aura Color Reading
Yoga Nidra (deep healing)

Transformational Counseling is about change, forgiveness and learning to love yourself. It’s about a willingness to look at yourself and your shadows and learning to accept them so change can take place.

To schedule a counseling session, feel free to contact Jaia at (604) 224-6043 or email her at

Current Counseling Rates
Individual Counseling $160 / hour
$300 for 2 sessions
$725 for 5 sessions
$1400 for 10 sessions
Channelled Sessions $160 / hour
Energy, Breath Work, Pranic Healing $130 / hour
Cards, I Ching, Aura Color Reading $130 / hour
Yoga Nidra (deep healing) By Donation
(suggested: $50)

Please note: For those who are unemployed, ill, or are a single mother or father, I am willing to adjust the rate.