Practical Spirituality

Tuesdays, 7-9 PM
Drop-in fee is $25. No one will be turned away because of money.

Bring a pen, paper, and a commitment to love the Creator who created you. Be open and non-judgmental.

This study group, ongoing every Tuesday since 1990, helps us to live life lovingly, for the highest good. Students have come from all over: Australia, London, Malaysia, America… This class has been designed by Guides, it is about understanding Life compassionately. This is a universal class. All are accepted who are sincerely willing. Meditation, chanting and mantras are given. Practice is an essential part of this class. (Homework is given week to week.)

When striving to change, we can do it together. Healing occurs naturally and all around. Our motive is to be free of suffering. We find peace as we get to know and accept ourselves… all of it: our Sacredness, our Talents and Depth, our Shadows. We learn how to embrace all that comes up. Joys and challenges. We come together to help and remind each other that we are all in this together. We are ONE.

First Half of the Class, 7 – 8 PM
Meditation, mantras, & chanting
Yoga Nidra (deep healing)
Pranic Healing, hands-on healing (when needed)
Visualization / Vibrational shift

Second Half of the Class, 8 – 9 PM
Study: Going inward for your answers so you can follow your SELF. Discovering ALL of you and, in deep acceptance, choosing to live in truth (in love). Together we can embrace the ego and allow it to surrender to the soul.


Thursdays, 7-9 PM
Reserve in advance, $30.


In this intensive workshop, we move from separation to unity. We learn to see with the eyes of love, to forgive misunderstandings, to be truthful with ourselves and to be real.

Maskless is a nine-week course, from January 28 to March 24, for those with meditation experience who are committed to their spiritual practice.


Every 2nd Saturday, 7-8:30 PM
Drop-in, $15. No one turned away for less.

Kirtan and Chant Circle

Singing Buddha Satsang
A space for the practice of sound wisdom.
Hosted by: Anand David

Kirtan is a practice for cutting through the idea of separation, for connecting to our hearts – and to the moment – through sound.

Bring water container, comfy clothes.

Upcoming: March 5, March 19, April 2, April 16.